Foroozeshpakhsh  air compact heaters are designed for  many types of applications and frequently  used in  regions with cold winter.This device installed in cabin and make it warm.  They are especially suited for cab and sleeper heat in trucks, transporters, personnel carriers, workshop vehicles, freight compartments and interior heat in general .These air heaters use quietly through a complicated fuzzy temperature control algorithm to maintain a desired temperature range without idling your engine.

For every application, our innovative heating technology ensures an extremely comfortable degree of warmth as soon as the vehicle is entered, pleasant temperatures in mobile workplaces and optimum temperature control in storage compartments. Foroozeshpakhsh air heater is a device-independent of engine so low fuel consumption cause to reduce air pollution, reduce friction and also reduce fuel consumption.

Foroozeshpakhsh developed the generation of its parking heater line. For different type of  vehicle models providing optimum performance and comfort. Now we have four main models ,NDA01, DA01,BA01 and DA03. For more information you can see the production and application menu .


  Features of Foroozeshpakhsh Heaters

Noise optimization                                     Control of the Blower speed

Low fuel consumption                                Easy to service, safe and diagnostic system

Robust and high-performance                    Low price and low operating cost due to excellent efficiency

Reliable starting and short heating time    Compact dimensions make the systems quick and easy to install

Applicable for the operation in vehicles in the transport of dangerous goods


 How Foroozeshpakhsh Heaters work?

The device consumes very little fuel and oil mixture (fuel oil has better performance and durability) brings you a unique heat. It is this kind of heaters for the fuel tank is mounted behind the cab pulled by an electric pump inside the tank heater and by injection into the combustion chamber after the air-fuel mixture and combustion takes place .Smoke contains carbon dioxide and other air pollutants through a channel (chimney) are driven out of the cockpit and the cabin air is passed through the channel. Heater set is mounted independently of motor vehicles, And independently of the engine, Cab heating with low fuel consumption and circulating warm air blowing in the cabin so that the automatic ideally cater aboard the desire to create and provide.Heater has a fuel pump that is electronically transmitted from its source to a combustion furnace and combustion takes place in the main furnace. Combustion air required for combustion from the outside and the inside of the vehicle provided the vehicle is driven off the grill. In the meantime, a fan blowing air through the combustion chamber and the heat from the air inside the cabin.



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Where can be install

Foroozeshpakhsh air heater is a device-independent of  engine which gets the  thermal energy from the fuel. Afterglow it can play inside or outside of automotive vehicles  or any protected areas. Best places proposed to install Heater are cabin, under the seat, side , rear boxes and anywhere is safe.

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