diesel air heater
  • This heating system uses the diesel as the fuel,after heat the exchanger, the hot air through the air blower,arrives to the compartment ,storehouse equipment,therefore, achieve the purpose that heats and removes the frist to them.
  • Product Advantages 1. Pleasant sound operation make your drive comfortable. 2. Excellent independent stepless heating capability. 3. Perfect and easy control set. 4. Compact dimensions can be installed on any vehicles . 5. Diagnosis function reduces the maintenance time.
  • There are methods to starting heater:
  • Instructions for installationParts of the structure and other components near the heater must be protected from excess heat exposure and possible contamination from fuel or oil The heater must not pose a fire hazard even when it overheats.This requirement is deemed to be fulfilled when adequate clearance to all parts is observed during installation,sufficient ventilation is provided and fire-proof materials or heat plates are used.